Do you take custom order/requests?


Why, YES I do! You can use the Contact form to submit your request or to ask questions. 

How much is a custom order/request?


Prices depend on the  complexity of the piece. This is discussed individually with each client. 

Payment would then proceed as follows:



       This payment is to secure your spot in the production list and supplies.

       If you choose to cancel your order before work begins you will be given a refund of the

       deposit. This is because I cannot refund the time and effort that has already gone

       into the piece.Once work has begun the deposit is not refundable. Both time and supplies 

       will have already gone into the piece.


  • Upon completion, I will email pictures of the piece and request the final payment.


  • Time of completion may vary but on average please allow at least 4 weeks to be completed. 


Why are custom order/commissions higher than similar items in your store?


Custom orders require me to put any current projects on hold and re-arrange my production schedule. Items in the store are things I have made as the mood moves me. Custom orders require that I put any new ideas or experiments on hold to complete a requested piece.

What are your sculptures made of?


The animals I make are made from polymer clay. I use metal buttons and jewelry findings as well. I don't use any molds for my animal sculptures. Each starts as a foil form and I then build onto that with the clay. 

Can you go larger?


I am currently restricted to what will fit into my oven. Most of my polymer clay pieces are between tennis ball and softball sizes. However, customized vinyl pieces can be larger. The largest today for a customized vinyl is 7 inches. 

People have questions, so here are some answers. 



What are Vinyls?


Vinyls are a platform of dolls and figurines made from a thick plastic. There are several different kinds. The ones I have used the most are made by Kidrobot and consist of the Munny, Foomi, Trikky and Raffi. I have also used Little House Designs YO!, Jeremy "MAD" Madl's Mad*L, Rivals by Wheelhouse Creative and Andrew Bell’s Google Android. 

Where do you buy your vinyl blanks from?


I am able to buy many of my vinyls from a local designer toy shop called Guzu Gallery here in Austin, Texas. I also use several online vendors.


What sort of clay do you use on your vinyls?


I use Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm. Eventually I hope to experiment with the air dry epoxies.

Do you sell your art anywhere else?


Occasionally, I will do an art show here in Texas. The shows tab will have a listing of any upcoming shows. My Facebook Page will also have updates about shows. I also have a Society6 account where prints, pillows, totes and much more are available. I refresh the available pieces on the Society6 account and phase others out.  Go to Society6 --->